What is Proper Business Etiquette When Holding an Offsite Meeting?

Offsite business meeting are great ways for people to interact in a relaxed environment and still gets workers and bosses focused on work related business. These types of conferences should always be held in a business casual manner to promote an easy going flow. Business etiquette demands that bosses maintain the dignity of their position while connecting with employees or clients on a personal basis.

One tip to get the ball rolling for an offsite meeting is to know who having a prearranged location with all of guests accounted for. By knowing how many people are going to attend, a project leader can plan the activities for the best locations. The size of the group definitely plays into the etiquette of a meeting. Smaller meetings can be held on a golf course, while larger ones should be geared towards retreats.

The etiquette of a bosses and employees alike should be casual but professional while on a retreat. It is okay to have fun but remember that these people must work together. If alcoholic beverages are served, monitor intake to avoid any embarrassing situations that arise from being inebriated. No one wants to be fired for having a little too much fun at the business retreat.

Group leaders and bosses should also have a well thought out agenda for the offsite meeting so that everyone is heading in the same direction. While on a retreat, different classes, games, and activities to promote better boss, employee, and customer relations is paramount. Remember to include fun in most of the activities to reinvigorate employees during one of these get-togethers.

It is also important for those who will be doing the hosting of the conference to take a tour of the facilities before the group arrives. This allows them to plan the activities best suited for any location to promote the easy flow of people attending. Know the costs and grounds so that employees’ fun is maximized. This is all a part of being prepared for the offsite meeting and will pay off in case of trouble.

Business etiquette during an offsite meeting should remain business casual. Keep employees and bosses happy alike by being friendly and personable but maintain dignity at all times. Bosses, especially, should preplan activities and have a good working knowledge of the agenda and area where the meeting is to be held. These types of conferences go a long way in bring a company closer together.