Ray Reynolds – Blueprint For Success

Ray Reynolds has been teaching individuals and business owners how to incorporate for 23 years. Ray’s “Blueprint for Success” teaches you how to get your business established by showing you how to use corporate companies credit tricks.

Ray Reynolds claims that if followed correctly his methods can help you protect your assets, secure corporate credit, rebuild credit, and purchase discounted goods. He does have lots of great ideas and you can apply them to almost any business.

What you must do first is determine your business needs. There are a few question you must ask yourself; annual cash flow and liability for the year, advertising budget cost, do you have large item inventory? Questions such as these should help you determine if you need a corporation.

If you are going to have to spend a substantial amount of your personal capital to start your business, making the investment in forming a corporation would be worth your while.

Ray Reyolds products can help you through the maze and teach you how to protect yourself personally as well help you secure corporate credit. If you are looking to incorporate for a home based business, you will probably only need an LLC (limited liability corporation).

Taking advantage of Ray Reynolds Plan will be something you might consider especially for the corporate credit aspect of your business.

The cost for Ray Reynolds products range from $499 to $3,000. He offers free online support for 30 days then it will cost you $29.95 per month thereafter. You will probably not want to get into this type of program if you are involved in a home based business, until you are getting into profit, then you would establish a corporation and become educated with Ray’s materials.

He is a highly successful corporate consultant who has developed an extensive product line, of which you may want to check out. This is not legal advise, it is only my opinion. Speak to legal counsel should you have further concerns. He is a highly successful corporate consultant who has developed an extensive product line.

Filing the necessary paperwork with the government is extremely important if you have a business. This is something you do not want to mess around with. There are stiff penalties if you are late or your paperwork is not in order.