Money Talks – Lawyers Walk

If you were to tell someone about a crime you had been watching by a high official would you want them to know your name? If you knew someone was going to be taken for every cent they had would you try to stop them or you would tell some else, so they could call the officials? A Ponzi scheme is about to be played once again and the suspect is not only unknowing of what is about to happen but they are gladly passing over their money. The con man is so good in this book titled Miles Away…Worlds Apart by Alan Sakowitz that it almost makes you wish that the scam was true. If it were true then you would be buying into it too. This is a financial thriller of the sociopath next door and he is good.

What you have to decide, after reading the book, was there a true whistleblower in the group or a true Samaritan for another human person. This book educates everyone on how much you really do need to be careful out there and reminds you of the old saying “if it is too good to be true” than it is. This would be a good book to pass to your college age child so they will not be taken advantage of while they are away from home. It gives many examples of how to be careful and how easy it was for the people to fall prey to the scam artist. Was it the fraud that enticed the lawyer to keep the Ponzi scheme going? Maybe it was the fact that he said the lines so much he believed he was actually helping people. The only thing he was doing was making a fortune of others and their money and feeling no remorse.

In the beginning no one would listen and in the end everyone listened. The author has you reading this book from the time you pick it up until it is over. It is hard to believe people were so easily falling into the trap and you as the reader could not stop them even as you saw it coming. The author provides great details and a great deal of courage to come forward to tell the truth.