Mixed Networking

Networking can take on a lot of shapes and sizes and is excellent for personal and professional needs. Do not feel that your networking has to be strictly business or strictly social. It can be a healthy dose of both.

Here are a few tips for balancing an active and productive networking agenda.

Sports Fans

You may find your next client, good lead or strong referral from attending a sporting event. Whether it is company sponsored or with a group of friends, make sure to keep your networking antennas up. A social atmosphere can ease the general anxiety of formal business events. It can allow casual dialogue for finding common interests, overlapping networks and other opportunities. In these settings, make sure to deliver a good elevator pitch, focus on building relationships and follow up in a timely manner.


Once again, whether it is company sponsored or out with friends, parties and social gatherings are other ways of making prime networking connections. These relaxed atmospheres can give you an opportunity to dialogue for a longer period of time and meet more people. It is an excellent way to expand and deepen your networks. Be open to introductions and referrals at these types of events.

Chance Encounters

You may be caught off guard at your next networking event. Keep in mind that networking in not just restricted to formal events, business meetings etc. You can network with anyone, at any time, at any place. This offers you a chance to be open, genuine and authentic. It can also allow you to be generous with sharing leads, resources and other helpful tools.

Hopefully, these few suggestions can ease your mind about the false commonalities of networking. Building relationships, growing your business or career can be fun and enlightening.