Advertising with Flyers and Business Cards for a Boat Cleaning Operation

What type of business card should you use in your cleaning service business? What sorts of brochures or flyers should you use? How should you distribute them and get them into the hands of your preferred and potential future customers. A short time ago, I was asked these questions by a gentleman who was establishing a boat cleaning company. Below is my advice to him and I thought you might be interested in what was discussed.

Many folks have different theories on whether you should use a plain Jane business card or a really cool fancy cards with graphics or a picture. Realize that being too overly ostentatious with your cards used to turn people off, but now, that isn’t the case, as full-color calling cards are not nearly as much as they once were, and anyone who is in business knows this, which probably accounts for 50% of the boat owners at the marina anyway.

Your calling cards should stand out, and let me give you a good example of why. Let’s say that there is a crab shack, a bait shop, a coffee shop, and a yacht club in your marina, well there is a good chance there will be bulletin boards near each, and if you business card stands out, and you put 3-5 on each with a push pin, people will more readily see them.

It seems to be common practice in the auto detailing business to put flyers on car windshield wipers, in some cities it is illegal to post handbills or leave them on cars. I’ve never advocated doing this, and in the boat cleaning business, it’s the kiss of death, to leave flyers on vessel, don’t do it. Flyers should be handed out personally, with a business card, or inserted into the Marina Newspapers. Check with the local marina news where you are, ask them what they would charge to insert your flyers. I recommend using card stock and the color; solar yellow. Your flyers should be a half sheet size.

If you are going to hand them out to customers while at the dock, you should laminate them, so they can keep them on the boat, and make sure you put your cell phone number on them, so they can call you directly. Speaking of water proof flyers, floatable key chains work as a great business card too, and are fairly in expensive, and nautical people will keep them.

Please consider all this, and think on how you will design and distribute your business cards and flyers. If you have any comments or questions please consider all this.