7 Tips To Making A Great Business Card

Lets face it, It’s never easy to stand out above the competition but having a unique and well designed business card can give you and you’re company the edge it needs. The following six tips will help you create a business card that will WOW anyone lucky enough to get it.

Business cards are an extension and representation of a person or a company’s brand. First impressions are extremely important and the business card is often that impression. These tips will help you create business cards that build your brand, show your personality, and deliver sales.

1.) Create a personal tagline! Adding a personal tagline to your business card can give the recipient better insight to who you are as a person or as a company. It is as simple as adding an additional line(s) that say why you’re special. For example, if you have a florist company, adding something like: “We don’t make the flowers…We just make them more beautiful” will tell the consumer how passionate your company is at creating a beautiful arrangement. WIN!

2.) Make sure your graphics are high quality! You spent good money designing your logo, now make sure it prints the right way. Most printing companies provide the best results if you provide them with 300 dpi artwork. To get the best print results ask your printer about their artwork requirements and guidelines.

3.) Make sure you’re brand consistent! Nothing will confuse a potential customer more than receiving a business card that looks one way and all of your other collateral or website don’t match it. If the logos and general color scheme don’t match you risk them questioning. A questioning consumer=a for sure loss of sales. Keep it consistent.

4.) Avoid “FREE” business cards! Mother always said if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Well, time to listen to your Mother! Companies that offer free business cards have an agenda. They are either a.) Luring you in with the word “FREE” only to charge you a million dollars for shipping or b.) They deliver low quality cards with blurry graphics that are printed on paper that is so thin you could slice your Thanksgiving turkey with them. Save yourself the headache and spend the extra money for quality. Your image is worth it!

5.) Proof It! Proof it! Proof It! Then, just when you think your done proofing it, have someone else proof it for you. The worst thing you could do when creating your business card is send the final proof to the printers with a mistake that is your fault. Misspell a word? Leave out an email address? Forgot to put the website address on there? To bad! Once it is printed you’re paying for a new set of cards. Make sure it is right the first time!

6.) Use call to actions! A call to action is simply telling the receiver of your card what you want them to do next. This can be as simple as adding a line that says, “Visit Our Website to Find Out How We Can Help” or “Call me personally and Save 10%.” The point is to tell them what you are going to do for them and what they need to do to get it.

7.) Get Social! Adding more ways for a consumer to reach you can never hurt. Make sure to add your Facebook and Twitter URL to your business card.