The Pink Panther – Business Women’s Guide to Fashion

As business women we are constantly looking for ways to look young, stylish and professional to maintain a good and balanced fashion sense. With so many trendy styles out there, it can be difficult to find the right style for your personality and career/profession. Although, trends come and go, it appears that the color pink is here to stay. Pink is emerging as year round color and possibly the new white! Listed below are innovative and practical ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe for high fashion success.


You can decorate your wrist with many pink accents that can highlight an outfit without over powering it. We suggest pink leather crocodile embossed watches. Many watch makers are leaning towards bright colors outside the normal black and brown. A pink watch with a square or round face would look exceptional on any woman. Also, consider wearing pink bracelets. A few thin pink charms around your wrist will be a nice subtle touch to any outfit.

Top of the Line

An outfit can instantly glow with pink tops of various styles, patterns and materials. A power black suit can instantly transform by switching out the typical white cotton shirt for a pink cotton shirt or pink blouse. Also for a business casual look, women can pair a pink shell/sweater set with a black a-line skirt. For Spring or Summer months, khaki pants or skirt, light gray capris or stylish gauchos or navy pants for a slightly conservative look.

Bag Lady

Women can also wear pink handbags and totes for work , travel or play. We always recommend making your accessories chic by choosing crocodile embossed bags or clutches, patent leather or pink printed canvas or quilted materials. The size of your bags can vary from wallet to shoulder bag. We suggest that bags are well maintained and look neat for a well put together look that is sure to grab the right attention.

Shoe Department

An outfit is never complete without the right shoes. For a great pink statement, women can wear several different styles of shoes to fit their comfort levels. Ballet flats that were once popular in the 50’s are making a great comeback. You can expect to see these type of shoes with buckle and bow accents. Another great style is high heel shoes. Women can choose to do a monochromatic look in their outfit such as a black, navy, brown or gray suit or skirt/pant ensemble and wear pale pink shoes for a nice contrast.

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding pink into your wardrobe. It is a versatile color that ranges in hues and intensity and matches almost all color combinations. It can be worn all year round and looks great with most skin complexions and hair colors.