New Boss or More Money?

85% of the US population believes that we are in a leadership crisis.

50% of the workforce is disengaged in their work.

3 out of 4 people would take a new boss over a pay raise.

What do you think about that?

Keith Wilmot, CEO of Leadercast, shared these startling statistics about the state of leaders the other day.

Really? Is this where we are at? Is this the state of affairs when it comes to leadership?

The question I’ve asked myself over and over again is why?

Why is it that so many people are unhappy?

Why is it that so many people are disengaged?

Why is it that we are in a leadership crisis?

After all, I’ve never met someone who aspired to be less. Have you?

People may not have been the greatest friends, co-workers, parents, managers, or characters, or maybe they had a life hurdle thrown at them one too many times, but deeply, genuinely and truly, they all wanted to be better– and they wanted life to be great. I mean, think about it.

Have you ever met a parent who wants their child to be a bully, a dropout, an addict, or worse?

Have you ever met a manager who aspired to be disrespected, loathed, and even hated? I doubt it.

I believe that most people naturally want to do well and be good people, but sometimes lack the motivation, courage, willpower, knowledge, or energy to do the right thing when it is needed.

This Thing Called Leadership

Often times, we know what good leadership looks like; we know what should be done, and how. We know how to identify good leadership behaviors, and we can describe what bad ones look like without any hesitation.

Even if you have no clue what leadership is or where to start, there’s an abundance of articles, books, resources and tools to help define and identify good leadership.

But that’s not the struggle, is it? If it was, we’d all be performing at our best all the time.

Could it be that our internal compass is off? And maybe we’re looking in the wrong direction?

Everyone has the power to develop the leader within, to be the person you want to be-the one you’d jump to follow.

Ask yourself: Would you follow you right now?

If you aren’t 100% sure, that’s okay, because “the first person to lead is yourself, and the hardest person to lead is yourself”. (John Maxwell)

Here are four actions you can do right now to start leading yourself.

1. Perform a routine self-assessment.

Review areas where you aren’t giving your all and determine why. Repair the areas identified as broken, or needing a fix. Release the areas that are beyond repair and keep moving.

2. Don’t confuse who you are with the results you produce.

If you’re not delivering to your maximum potential, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. It just means that’s what it is right now. It. Can. Change.

3. Stand guard at the door of your mind. (Jim Rohn)

Get rid of the negative self-talk and head junk. Be relentless about what you let creep into this space. When the negative thoughts come, find a way to drown them out and replace the story with something else. When you feel them creeping in, look up motivational videos on YouTube and watch 3 of them in a row. Get yourself out of the funk.

4. Work on yourself daily.

People around you cannot grow if you don’t grow. Your employees, your teammates, your children, your friends-none of them can grow if you don’t.

What’s your growth plan? Is it books, conferences, reflection, sleep, etc.? If you already have a solid plan, great. What have you done in the last 30 days to work on yourself?

“Toot your horn” and share your growth updates in the comments below. Let’s celebrate what you’ve done to get to a better YOU.