Meenaz Mehta – An Occurrence in Global Investment

A commoner who have not been exposed to the Global economy discussions would utter the question, who is Meenaz Mehta? Meenaz Mehta has been very popular for a long time because of his recognized opinions and expertise about issues that presently affect the World Economy. He has been seen discussing his views in CNBC questioning whether the Bank claims have been truthfully exposed. He also cited whether the central banks and local banks are at the same page at the moment whenever money markets and lending rates are in argument.

Meenaz Mehta is the Chief Investment Officer of Axis Investment Management which is a renowned company who provides clients assistance on how to manage their investments in such a way that it is strategically uphold assuring their clients that it can withstand the existing risks. For over a decade he had a consistent track record of superb experience in global investment making him one of the most reliable people to respond on any economic arguments that are in debate. His experience in investment management and capital markets trading not to mention his outstanding reputation in terms of advising on the topic about asset management which has been evident even before the latter part of the 19th century.

Though he was recognized for his brilliance in investment management Meenaz Mehta has recently been involved in a tribulation. In April of last year, the Financial Services Authority or FSA fined Meenaz Mehta £35,000. The financial penalty have been imposed on him due to his inability to ensure that there is an adequate tasks amongst his staff and these people should have been duly registered with the FSA. As the senior director of this prominent stock broking firm in London, Hythe Securities Limited, he was held responsible for not being able to ensure the personnel is competent enough to advise customers of a reasonable, truthful, and understandable basis of the costs or any mark-ups that are to be paid. Furthermore, it is in his responsibility to ensure that staff is compliant to the same company policy and procedure. The staff even receives high compensation and commission having met high sales quota. Mehta also failed to recognize potential risks being face by their Private Customers whenever these customers where not properly classified. It is also in his responsibility to ensure that there are documentations or records of the advices given by the employees to their customers and lastly, he should have guaranteed that money laundering checks were carried out. These failures consequenced Mehta to being unable to act in accordance to the FSA rules and so causing him to be responsible for the penalty together with the firm totaling to an amount of £235,000.

With such immense accountability to affect a customers life a prudent personality risks are as great. But for a man such as Meenaz Mehta this may have been long anticipated. To date he still accommodates advisory on investment management and even have sites that can be visited by the commoners. Attached on the site is a disclaimer stating that the content is for informational and educational purpose only.