Is it Time to Upgrade Your Business Card?

Your business card says a lot about you and your business. It not only makes an important first impression to existing and potential clients and customers, but it also carries with it the vital information which people will use to contact you. Of course, for this reason, it’s essential that the information you give to people is as up to date as possible and pass on any changes that you make. If it’s time to consider upgrading and updating your business cards, should you also consider upgrading the services you list on them!

By partnering with a communications service that meets all of your telephony requirements under one roof, you get nothing but benefits. Over 50% of organisations interviewed believed that unified communications would be the business standard by 2012. But you don’t need to wait until the Olympics before you can enjoy the great benefits and value of having all your services in one place, you can do that now!

When you bring all of your Internet services together, you benefit from their seamless integration, offering you even more functions and opportunities. Imagine being at the centre of a unique communications hub, as your services are customised to your precise requirements. With a simple user-friendly interface, you can stay in control of all aspects of your communications set up.

The many benefits of integrating your telephony needs include:

  • Always be contactable via any three different devices at the same time, such as Blackberry, desk phone and softphone on your computer with just one single phone number. (And just that one number on your business card)

  • One single voicemail box for all your numbers, using your one number, you can check all your messages at once.

  • Always make the cheapest call – your integrated communications system chooses the most cost-effective way to connect you.

  • Because you get your Broadband and Phone Services together, you can receive an Internet conneciton that has been optimised specifically for Voice Calls. Don’t settle for patchy quality through Skype, your prospective customers won’t!

  • Free calls to other Internet telephony users saving call costs between your operations around the world or offering your customers with VoIP costless calling.

  • Get fully integrated contacts with Microsoft Outlook, making your entire contacts network portable across your business.

  • If you operate in different countries, you can have a local number on each of your business cards, giving the impression of a local presence – even if it connects to a central number.

Don’t struggle with many various different providers, bring all your services together in one place.You’ll have the security and reassurance that business professionals are putting your communication needs first.