Double Sided Business Cards – Double Benefits

Business cards are the best form of word of mouth marketing that you can get.  These cards provide that instant personal connect that is so important in business. That is why it is important that you select a good design when you are getting your business cards printed.

The most common type of business cards are those which have your personal details ad well as company details written on one side and the other side is blank. Those definitely are good but there is a major benefit in having double sided cards.

The two sided cards will provide that extra space on the back side which will give you that much needed real estate to pitch for your business. A lot of cards have the company’s mission statement on the back side. A lot of other have some words of wisdom on the back side.

There is no doubt that you can use this space creatively to market your business. Keep the card simple and also mentions that please turn over so that people actually turnover and read what is written on the other side.

Double sided cards are expensive and hence it is better that when you give the order for printing you should have a few cards that are double sides. I would suggest that in the order for 1000 cards have about 50 business cards which are double sided. Give these double sided cards to a select few people whom you think will value the card. Never hand out to less important people.