Annuity Leads, What Really is the Definition?

Have you ever asked yourself what really is an annuity lead? An annuity lead is a name of potential buyer that often comes with contact information, income range, age, email address and possibly other basic information.

Obtaining the information for your target market by using well thought out methods of lead generation will make your job easier.

So if this is the case then why can’t we get our leads from a lead list supplier by merely setting the guidelines for the basic information? Lists can be purchased based all of the guidelines of your desired target market. It would be cheaper and just think how many names could be purchased for $100?, $1,000?

The answer is simple, without a “hook” there is no basis for building a relationship. I define a hook as a request for information, a reason to contact the prospect.

There is no way to begin building a relationship with a prospect and laying the groundwork to become a client without a reason for the relationship. By using a lead source such as the internet or direct mail it will allow you to have a constant flow of people who are responding to the information offer.

I always ask the prospect what the reason is that they requested the information and what they hoped to accomplish with it. Generally they will not share this in an honest way so I sue the situation to ask further probing questions. I have also found that leaving the prospect with printed information will be value added when building a relationship.